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Retirement Planning

During your journey with us, we'll help keep you on track for financial independence. Focusing on helping you to pursue your retirement goals while also assisting you in working towards your short-term goals. As you approach retirement age, your plan will shift from accumulation to income planning. Retirement income planning leads into estate planning, where we develop a strategy to efficiently pass along your assets.

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Asset Management

We will take you through our Investment Roadmap® process to determine how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We will then meet with you regularly to review and adjust your plan so you can face your future with confidence. Being confident in your progress gives you the freedom to invest your life in what matters most.

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Investment Services

We focus on providing a systematic and quantitative management style. Our goal is to actively work toward building and delivering an investment strategy that produces a portfolio that fits your goals and volatility tolerance. We focus on long-term investing. Whatever your situation, we'll work with you to figure out the best strategy for investing your money so you have the best chance of working towards your long-term financial goals and build the life you want.

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three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way


Understand Your Goals

We understand that your investment plan needs to be tailored specifically to your unique perspective and goals. We vow to focus on your investments while valuing you and your assets.


Create a Plan

We will work together with you to develop a clear picture of what successful retirement can look like.


Review Results

We will work diligently to increase your possibility of retirement, year after year, while you enjoy the relief that your assets are cared for.

We Don't Just Care About Assets. We Care About You.

At the Pennsylvania Financial Group, we have found that one factor contributes to our clients achieving their financial goals more than anything else – their probability of retirement success. Put simply, this goal positions you so you will not run out of money during retirement.

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Sowing the Seeds for Your Lifelong Success