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Sowing the Seeds for Your Lifelong Success

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Your Assets Matter too Much to Stay Stagnant

Don’t let poor planning hold you back. You need an advisor who:

You have reached this point in life and should be very proud of your accomplishments. But, you may be frustrated that you don’t have a clear vision of how to steward your savings for success. Work with someone who treats you as a unique person.

Save Time and Take Control of Your Financial Future with a Clear Roadmap

Avoid Misteps

Successful retirees leave clues. Leave the stagnant portfolio and poor decision-making behind when you understand a step-by-step process to help reach your financial goals.

Get a Plan

Get a vision for where you and your finances need to be over the next few years. Connect your vision with a step-by-step process to help you reach your financial goals.

See Progress - Year Over Year

As you commit to the process, understand the missteps, and get a plan to move forward, you will be confident to see progress year over year.

We Don't Just Care About Assets. We Care About You.

At Pennsylvania Financial Group, we have found that one factor contributes to our clients achieving their financial goals more than anything else – their probability of retirement success. Put simply, this goal positions you so you will not run out of money during retirement.

Services that help you sow the seeds for lifelong success

retirement planning

Retirement Planning

We will help you to pursue your retirement goals while also assisting you in working towards your short-term goals. As you approach retirement age, your plan will shift from accumulation to income planning. Retirement income planning leads into estate planning, where we develop a strategy to efficiently pass along your assets.

asset management

Asset Management

We will take you through our planning process to determine how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We will then meet with you regularly to review and adjust your plan so you can confidently face your future. Being confident in your progress gives you the freedom to invest your life in what matters most.
investment services

Investment Services

Our goal is to actively work toward building and delivering an investment strategy that produces a portfolio that fits your goals and volatility tolerance. Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you to figure out a strategy for investing your money so you have the best chance of working towards your long-term financial goals and building the life you want.

three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way


Understand Your Goals

We understand that your investment plan needs to be tailored specifically to your unique perspective and goals. We vow to focus on your investments while valuing you and your assets.


Create a Plan

We will work together with you to develop a clear picture of what successful retirement can look like.


Review Results

We will work diligently to increase your possibility of retirement, year after year, while you enjoy the relief that your assets are cared for.

Our Investment Approach

5 Strategies Every Investor Needs to Know

Download our complimentary resource and start down the path to wise investing.

Gain Control of Your Financial Future and Retire Successfully

With financial markets constantly changing rapidly, people are wasting time and money investing on their own. With a customized plan tailored to you, you’ll know that you’ll feel confident in your advisor and have a clear plan to move toward your financial goals.

We don’t just stop with a plan. Our experienced financial advisory team can help ensure that money is invested in the right places and provide valuable advice on growing wealth over time. We are specialists in asset management and help ensure that everything is on track as your probability of retirement success grows. You may have had bad past experiences or heard stories about financial planners who are nothing more than salespeople. We have years of results in working with individuals, families, and organizations just like yourself. If you are ready to be shown integrity, have a vision for your assets and financial goals, and work with a committed team give us a call today.

Sowing the Seeds for Your Lifelong Success