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You have $1M or more in assets (house included) or a very high earning potential. And you are ready to create a plan and move toward stewarding your wealth properly.

Your Assets Matter too Much to Stay Stagnant

The clients we can serve best understand the value of having a trusted financial advisor who can be meticulous in growing/managing their portfolio.

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The Strengths of Our Team:

Our Specialism

Scott and Kellie combined have nearly 50 years of experience serving clients and helping them succeed. Our professionalism and attention to detail are among our greatest assets to steward your future growth.

Our Roles

We know that our staff must be connected and confident in each other’s skillset to serve you well. We have created a company culture responsible for stewarding your assets well and investing in your future.

Our Process

For 30 years, we have used a unique process that drives clients’ retirement success. As a result, we have multiple tools to help our clients succeed long-term.

These 4 Key Factors Help Clients Choose Our Team Above All Others

We believe our current clients and prospective clients deserve commitment. You are not looking for a one-time financial advisory firm but a team of specialists you can grow with and trust. For over 30 years, we have been privileged to serve what we believe are the best clients in the world. Our clients have trusted our team to manage their assets and savings for years leading to impactful, long-lasting relationships.

Because we value people and commitment, excellence must be the fruit of our commitment to you. Excellence stems from our dedication to helping you increase your probability of retirement success year-over-year.

Excellence comes not just from financial planning and asset management but also through our meticulous client care. Our team values you and your diligent savings; therefore, we take time to understand your unique needs.

We understand that our investment plan must be tailored to your specific objectives and goals. We vow to focus on your investments while inspiring you to live out your dreams.

Here's How We Work Together

We are committed to sowing the seed for your lifelong success through excellent customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and unique individualized solutions.


Understand Your Goals

We understand that your investment plan needs to be tailored specifically to your unique perspective and goals. We vow to focus on your investments while valuing you and your assets.


Create a Plan

We will work together with you to develop a clear picture of what successful retirement can look like.


Review Results

We will work diligently to increase your possibility of retirement, year after year, while you enjoy the relief that your assets are cared for.

Let's schedule an appointment and get you moving toward your financial goals.